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Soccer History

It all starts somewhere!!

Years ago when people first settled in St. Lawrence, many of them of Irish descent, they brought with them this wonderful game called Soccer or Football.


The first recorded game was played on Patty's Farm in Little St. Lawrence between St. Lawrence and the St. John's boys who worked at the Liver Factory. The game was refereed by Aloysius Farrell and the names of a few of the St. Lawrence players were Stance Murray, Joseph Walsh and Ned Lundrigan. Ned Lundrigan scored the only goal of the game.

1904 - 1922

From 1904 to 1922 games were played against crews from ships that came into the harbour


A game was played between Lawn and St. Lawrence. The game was organized by Father Thorne, the parish priest at the time. The game was won by St. Lawrence.

1922 - 1950

From 1922 to 1950 games were played against teams from Lawn, Grand Bank,Burin and St Pierre.


The St. Lawrence soccer team in 1930 was comprised of Patrick Tarrant, Rennie Slaney, Howard Farrell, Tom Tarrant, James Cusick, Leo Loder, Harry Tarrant, Victor Slaney, James Shea, Donnette Slaney and Leo Slaney.


The St. Lawrence soccer team in 1946 was comprised of Gus Tarrant, Sylvester Slaney, Richard Loder, Rennie Slaney, Loyola Slaney, Gerry Kelly, Patrick Fitzpatrick,Jack Fitzpatrick, Jack Walsh and Alfred Giovannini.


The St. Lawrence soccer team won it's first of many All Newfoundland Championships in 1951. The team that year was comprised of Gus Etchegary, Tom Turpin, Jack Lundrigan, Albert Kettle, Herb Slaney, Bill Slaney, Gordon Turpin, Theo Etchegary, Alonzo Walsh, Joe Clarke, Cyril Rennie, Bob Kelly, Gus Tarrant, Rennie Slaney,Jack Fitzpatrick, Jack Walsh and Alfred Giovannini.

1951 to Present

The St. Lawrence soccer teams have been a powerhouse of soccer both on the Burin Peninsula where they have dominated. As well at the provincial level success has also been achieved culminating in the Laurentians being named the "Team of the Decade" for the 70's and with the success as well in the 90's are headed for the "Team of the Decade" for the 90's.

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