In this article, we will be presenting some of the things about the inner functions of your septic systems that you might not know. Learn more by reading the entire items listed below. In case you want high quality septic services in Dallas TX, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable company today. 

You can keep things flush well with Septic System Additives 

Septic system additives aren’t just a part of a great routine maintenance plan, it gives different types of perks that can help you save money eventually. Incorporating a septic additive into your system every month can help restore the enzymes and good worker bacteria to counteract the household disinfectants’ effects.  

A high-quality additive can make it a breeze to keep up a sanitized and clean home environment and maintain a healthy population of bacteria within your septic tank

Gases from septic tanks can be fatal 

There is a major reason why it’s really prohibited to head inside your septic tank to fix issues or to find something that made its way there, and that’s because the septic tank gasses can kill anyone. In fact, OSHA recognizes that a septic tank is a confined area where the conditions can be instantly dangerous.  

Newer tanks have lids or risers at ground level so the septic technicians can easily have the tank checked and pumped out if needed. That’s why risers are mounted weekly for customers that want to save some of their time digging out their septic system’s manhole cover prior to every surface. As a result, homeowners can have easier access.  

Your Toilet Paper Mirrors You as a Homeowner 

Apart from other filthy residues and pollutants that float within your septic tank, there is usually a thick toilet paper layer on top. When you utilize a thin septic-safe or a Scott brand, you will observe that it will eventually start to break down. If you use other brands like Quilted Northern or Charmin toilet papers, fluffy, thick stuff that nearly resembles chunks of cotton on top will usually be seen.  

Your septic system has good bacteria.  

Wastewaters have naturally occurring bacteria that help in breaking down sludge and solids. However, a common septic tank can have over 100 chemical pollutants that can be hazardous to such naturally occurring bacterial. Meaning, you cannot really scrub your toilets or sanitize your sink However, it’s highly recommended that you use cleaning products that are septic-safe to prevent stripping off the much-needed natural bacteria in your tank. 

You would be shocked at what people flush down the drain 

Paint, goldfish, diapers, grease, sour cream, hair—you name it. If you really want to take care of your septic system, the best thing you can do is to avoid putting things down that should not be there. Also, make sure to get it checked and serviced from time to time—for approximately two to four years. Make sure to leave it in the hands of the experts.