Before you build a retaining wall, you need to see to it that you leave it to the hands of a professional structural engineer that’s experienced in constructing retaining walls. How do you know whether a particular structural engineer is perfect for the job? Here are some of the things you should remember while choosing a builder of retaining walls in Phoenix AZ.   


In terms of building a retaining wall, the material you choose should be matching with the reason why you want to construct a retaining wall. Here are the following options you can choose from: 

  • Concrete 
  • Timber 
  • Bricks 
  • Stones 


Reputation is an important factor you should consider as you choose the ideal structural engineer to hire. You’ll learn more about the reputation of a structural engineer by searching on the internet and accessing their official website. The greatest structural engineers are expected to get numerous positive reviews. And on the contrary, companies with several bad feedback are the ones that provide substandard services. Moreover, communicate with your friends and family members that you trust and ask for some referral from them in case they have experienced their services before. Doing so can help you save both your money and time.  


Before you use retaining wall methods on your land, make sure to factor in your yard’s topography. It will help you decide how long and tall your wall will become. It’s also important to know your structure’s complexity level. So, make sure to hire a certified structural engineer since they can decide which approach and strategy would work best to guarantee that the soil will not easily spread.  


It’s crucial to find a structural engineer that specializes in dealing with retaining walls. You have to determine how long has the prospective engineer been working in the field, how long do these types of projects take to finish, and know more about the best projects they’ve done before. The answers to such questions will assist you on whether you must hire a structural engineer or not.  


Retaining walls should be built on the ideal base that must be dug out lower than the ground level. When the retaining wall is deep, the deeper you should dig your base. In most instances, retaining walls should be dug over 4 ft. by a certified structural engineer for retaining walls. Before starting to construct a retaining wall, you have to familiarize yourself with building codes. This is applicable for shorter walls as well.  


You need to establish a specific time frame to finish your project if you want to have your retaining walls built effectively. Targeted time frames enable you to come up with the best material estimation, preparation, and type of structural engineer for your much-needed retaining wall.  

The ones listed above are only some of the many factors that must be considered as you plan to construct a retaining wall. Just apply and factor those out and you’re good to go.