Aging: Effects and Prevention

It has always been a common knowledge that aging changes our bodies and its abilities. There are changes that we usually detect early on like our skin and the wrinkles around our eyes, however, there are also changes we often forget to take care of, and that is our organs and everything that we do not see inside us. 

Some of us try our best to live a healthier lifestyle than others which often leads to a much healthier internal health as well. On the other hand, those who does not have the luxury to exercise and is more focused on earning a living often suffer early illnesses like arthritis or joint problems and some bone problems. 

Since we know what aging can do to us and our bodies, it is always wise to do something about it. Rather than opting for chips, we should try to eat healthier and live more actively. Moreover, a good mental health does so much wonders not just on our peace of mind but most of all to our bodies as well. 

So what are the effects of aging? 

Muscles: Muscle aging is rarely visible in the early years. Most often, we only observe that our muscles have shrunk and have lost some mass when we get a bit older than we are now. Even if this is a given in the nature of aging, we can always do something about it through living much more actively. Through aging, the tendons in our muscles cannot absorb much water, in other words, has lesser water as we age and this leads tissues to be stiffer and results to lesser stress tolerance. You may also observe older people that open their door knobs with shaky hands and have difficulty in turning the knob compared to you; this is because they have lesser grip strength. You heart is a muscle too and therefore, you are prone to getting more tired even with little activity. 

Bones: Remodeling is a process of how your bones go through an absorption process and formation process. When we grow older, this process does not level or equate each other anymore, thus this leads to lesser bone tissue or repair and can lead to many diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis on the part of your hip. The cartilage that also shields your bones from rubbing together also gets affected. With lesser water in your body, your cartilage can degenerate and you can suffer from arthritis. You will also be less flexible due to problems on your ligaments. 

Even though aging scares you on how you can possibly run out of time as fast compared to how slowly you progress through success, you can always make sure you get the best of your years.  Exercise and eating healthy can be an answer; sometimes we even have a stash of supplements in our kitchen storage. However, hormone replacement therapy can also be an answer. If you want to opt for getting the best of your health naturally check on their website and know more about the details on how you can stay healthy! 

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